OSSIOfiber® Implants for Bone Healing

What is OSSIOfiber®?

OSSIOfiber® is a new implant material designed to integrate seamlessly into your natural bone, improve strength, and optimize bone ingrowth. Built with the same minerals found in your bones, this material was created to enhance natural bone healing in various orthopedic procedures.

What are the Benefits of OSSIOfiber®?

The benefits of this implant come from its unique structure. It has all of the components of bone, and behaves like bone. Over the course of 18 to 24 months following the procedure, the core structure of the implant is replaced by the patients natural bone ingrowth. It can be used as internal fixation to repair fractures, and is radiolucent, meaning bone healing can clearly be observed on x-rays without obstruction. This implant also removes the possibility of future procedures needed for repair or removal of traditional metal screws.

Photo Source: Ossio.io

What Conditions can be Treated Using OSSIOfiber®?

OSSIOfiber® implants can be used to treat a myriad of orthopedic conditions, including bone fractures, fusions, Tendinopathies, as well as ligament injuries. Congenital and acquired deformities can be treated as well. OSSIOfiber® has shown breakthrough results in minimally invasive correction of bunions and hammertoes.

Are There any Risks Involved with the OSSIOfiber® Procedure?

OSSIOfiber® implants have minimal risks, as there will be no need for later hardware removal.  There have been zero adverse effects reported.

Who Would be a Good Candidate for OSSIOfiber®?

Essentially anyone would be a great candidate for use of OSSIOfiber®. It allows for excellent outcomes with natural bone healing, replacing the synthetic implant with your own natural bone of the course of 18 to 24 months.  This eliminates the need for any hardware removal and allows for direct visualization with x-ray to asses healing with obscuring the image. It is a perfect technology for minimally invasive correction of bunion deformities, fixation of pediatric fractures that would normally require a secondary surgery to remove hardware, and anyone that wants to have a reconstruction that will allow their own biology and bone to heal them.

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