Med-Legal Department

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Seaview Orthopaedic’s Med-Legal Department is to provide our legal community with the highest quality of orthopedic expertise and customer service.

We Fulfill Our Mission by Offering:

  • Open communication and personal service
  • Expert orthopedic services with more than 34 years of experience
  • More than 20 years of experience performing Independent Evaluations
  • Six convenient office locations
  • Physical Therapy on-site at all locations
  • A dedicated and trained Med-Legal team
  • PIP Arbitrations handled on behalf of patients to resolve disputes with Insurance Carriers

Priority Personal Injury Scheduling

  • Dedicated personal injury scheduling team
  • Attorney referred patients scheduled within 24 hours

Personal Injury

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is very frightening. Navigating through the No-Fault laws and procedures can be very intimidating for patients. Our dedicated no-fault department assists our patients from the initial scheduling of an appointment through their care at Seaview.

When scheduling an appointment, the patient would need to have the following motor vehicle information available:

  1. Date of accident.
  2. Where did the accident occur?
  3. Name of the no-fault insurance carrier.
  4. Claim must be opened and the patient must provide the claim number and the adjuster.
  5. Health insurance information.
  6. Was the patient seen in the emergency room following the accident? If so, what hospital?

Having this information readily available will enable our trained no-fault specialists to open an account and schedule an appointment for the patient. If the patient provides an email address, a Motor-Vehicle New Patient Packet will then be emailed to them so it can be printed and brought with them to their first appointment.

The specialist will also request that the patient brings with them to the first appointment the following items:

  1. Photo identification.
  2. Completed New Patient Packet, if emailed. If not, it can be completed in the office.
  3. Health insurance card.
  4. Automobile insurance card.
  5. Police report – if available at the time.
  6. Declaration page of automobile insurance policy.
  7. Discharge summary from the emergency room, together with any diagnostic studies performed.

We are dedicated to our patients and are always available to assist them through the no-fault process.

Med-Legal Services

  • Independent Medical Evaluations
  • Narrative Reports
  • Certificates of Permanency
  • Medical Record Reviews
  • Telephone Conferences
  • Polk Analysis
  • Video Tape Depositions
  • Live Court Testimony
  • Experienced Paralegals

Customer Service

Our Med-Legal Department provides you with the highest quality of customer service and is available to assist you personally. At Seaview Orthopaedics, customer service is our first priority.

For additional information or assistance, you may contact us at (732) 775-9162 or email us at [email protected]. Our fax number is (732) 869-9227.