Patient Reported Outcomes

Seaview Orthopaedics uses an advanced data collection platform to connect to our patients before and after surgery to observe and capture healing and recovery information.

What are the benefits to Collecting this Data?

Utilizing a data collection platform called Patient IQ, the doctors of Seaview Orthopaedics are obtaining treatment outcome information from their patients. This Data (called patient reported outcomes) is scrutinized by your doctors in order to assess the results of your treatments in terms of pain and function. The more complete the data is the more powerful it is in helping the doctors of Seaview Ortho improve your care and the care of future patients. That is why we request that every patient who receives a survery, fill them out as completely as possible. Your doctor thanks you for your time!

How does it work?

After being assessed by your physician, you will be enrolled in a pathway based on your procedure. You will be contacted via text or email to complete a task (survey) that will aid you through your care journey, from preop to post-op, and throughout your recovery. The data is collected and analyzed to assist providers in decision-making.