Dr. Art Vasen Introducing Seaview Smart Access

Seaview Smart Access FAQs

Seaview Smart Access is the practice’s response to the challenges facing orthopedic care providers during these unprecedented times. While adhering to CDC social distancing guidelines, we’re using mobile technology and a completely redesigned check-in process to provide you with access to New Jersey’s top orthopedic specialists. Welcome to a modern patient experience. Here’s what we’ve built:

  • Smart forms: complete the entire intake process (including uploading insurance cards) from your mobile device
  • Smart check-in: enjoy the convenience of waiting in your car till you are ready to be seen. We’ll send you a text when your exam room is ready
  • Smart waiting rooms: we’ve implemented strict occupancy limits in all our waiting rooms. You’ll never have to wait in a crowded space while in our offices
  • Smart virtual appointments: telemedicine video appointments are now fully integrated into our practice

The Covid-19 pandemic presents healthcare providers with a unique challenge. While continuing to give world-class care, we must also make necessary changes to ensure social distancing guidelines are followed. To meet this challenge, Seaview has reimagined its entire patient experience from top to bottom. When visiting any of our six office locations, we want you to have a fast and convenient experience that makes you feel safe.

Seaview Smart Access is our response to the demands placed on healthcare providers during this unprecedented era. Rather than  hoping things return to the way they were, Seaview is leading the way so that our patients can enjoy peace of mind while receiving the orthopedic care they need.

Our goals are to leverage technology and social distancing best practices to create a better patient and staff experience that promotes safety and convenience. As a result, we’ve redesigned our processes:

  • Smart Forms: we’ve brought the information intake process to your mobile device.
  • Smart Check-In: enjoy the convenience of waiting in your car while we prepare your exam room. We’ll send you a text when your room is ready.
  • Smart Waiting Rooms: our goal is to decrease the unease of being in public spaces. We’ve rethought the concept of a typical waiting room and replaced it with an access room.
  • Smart Video Appointments: we want to offer you the most convenient and effective video appointment experience as an alternative to in-office appointments.
  • The cumbersome paper / online form completion process has been eliminated and replaced with a mobile-friendly information intake experience.
  • Waiting rooms are being rethought so that they are no longer a holding space for patients, but rather an action-oriented area where patients don’t spend too much time, aren’t crowded, and quickly take care of business.
  • Telemedicine is a new service that Seaview has fully embraced to provide our patients with more options.
  • The check-In process is moving from paper and desktop-based to our patient’s mobile devices
  • Sanitation is more rigorous than ever and takes place round-the-clock

Modified Patient Check-In Process

  • Patients will receive a link after making their appointment with instructions to complete their paperwork. They will sign all consents and capture pictures of insurance cards and identifications with their mobile device.
  • On the day of their appointment, patients will receive a text 30 minutes before their appointment instructing them to wait in their cars for further instructions.
  • Seaview Orthopaedics staff will be able to communicate with patients securely while they wait in their cars going over forms to ensure they are complete and to pay their copay–to complete forms if they hadn’t done so already, and pay their copay.
  • Patients will be messaged to proceed to the office when their exam room is ready and will be required to wear a mask. When they arrive in the exam room, their temperatures will be taken.
  • At check out, patients will now be able to retrieve all printed documents from their patient portal reducing the wait time at check out.