Signs & Symptoms of Needing a Hip Replacement

Hip replacements are at the forefront of treating severe hip disorders in a wide segment of the population, and the technology in hip prostheses has advanced considerably in recent years. Today, a person who undergoes successful hip replacement can expect to potentially enjoy decades of pain-free hips with a wide range of motion.

There are a variety of health conditions that can cause the hip joints to break down or function poorly, or that may cause severe hip pain and immobility. Therefore, there are a number of different signs that someone might be a good candidate for hip replacement. At Seaview Orthopaedics, we are New Jersey’s trusted experts in hip orthopedics, and serve local residents’ joint replacement needs with the utmost skill. Contact us today, schedule a consultation with us, or read below to learn more about the indicators that a hip replacement might be right for you.

How Do I Know I Need a Hip Replacement?

In general, people of any age who have a hip condition that interferes with their daily life and that is not responding to non-surgical treatment should consider a hip replacement. Any type of joint replacement is a potentially major surgery, so other options should be used first, but when less invasive methods fail, a hip replacement can have life-changing results.

Meet Our Orthopedic Hip Replacement Surgeons

The hip surgeons at Seaview Orthopaedics are all highly skilled physicians with a great deal of experience in this specialty. Our promise is to perform your hip replacement with empathy and expertise, and our aim is always to help you heal, increase your mobility, and relieve your hip pain.

Six Signs of Needing a Hip Replacement

People who are good candidates for hip replacement surgery tend to experience a few things in common. These signs include:

  • Pain in the hip joint: This may also include pain in the groin, outer thigh, or buttocks area. You may find that pain is worse in the morning, when doing vigorous activity, or when doing activity for extended periods of time.
  • Persistent hip stiffness: One of the first things people with the kind of extensive hip damage that might necessitate a hip replacement tend to notice is stiffness. If it is hard to move your leg because of rigidity or a snapping or popping at the hip joint, or if you find that range of motion is limited, you should see a doctor and get the condition of your joint evaluated as soon as possible.
  • Difficulty walking: You may find that your walking ability is reduced due to feelings of weakness, instability, or pain. This may indicate that it is time to consider a hip replacement.
  • Inability to put on shoes and socks: If you cannot finish dressing yourself on your own by putting on footwear, this is a good benchmark that you need treatment in order to improve your hip joint function. Not only does the inability to put on shoes limit your range of motion, it is also in itself a sign that you have a condition that is impeding your mobility.
  • Other treatments offer no relief: Many people with hip arthritis or another hip condition are able to relieve their pain with anti-inflammatory medications, massage, acupuncture, and other conservative treatments that are aimed at symptoms. However, for people with more severe forms of arthritis or other hip damage, a method that tackles the cause of pain and disability is needed.
  • Your pain is affecting you psychologically: If your hip pain is causing you to miss out on things you want to do, making you lose sleep in a way that affects how you function the next day, or is bringing on depressed moods on its own, you should seek a form of permanent relief – your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

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