Certified Athletic Trainer

Seaview Orthopaedic & Medical Associates is an approved provider for the Board of Certification (BOC). As a BOC provider, we are responsible for providing continuing education (CE) programs to Athletic Trainers and complying with the Standards for BOC Approved Providers and the BOC Approved Provider Handbook. Seaview Orthopaedics is approved to offer Level l Category A continuing education (CE) activities to BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATs).

Developing Measurable Learning Objectives

Seaview Orthopaedics uses Bloom’s Taxonomy for classifying of learning objectives. It contains 6 levels of interaction, each building on the previous. By creating learning objectives with verbs that show measurement, we can match appropriate program assessments to demonstrate participant learning.

Participant Assessments are developed when topics are chosen. Our speakers provide an outline of the talk and objectives/assessments are created based on the goal of each talk. Assessments are given to each participant at the start of the program. Participants are instructed to complete the assessment in its entirety before they can receive their certificate of completion. Scoring is usually a verbal exercise and participants are never graded. Our speakers usually give participants a prompt and encourage them to give their opinions on how they would diagnosis/treat the injury.

At the conclusion of each presentation, the participant should be able to:

Assess Theories; Compare ideas; Evaluate Outcome; Solve; Judge; Recommend; Rate

Use old concepts to create new ideas; Design and Invention; Compose; Imagine; Infer; Modify; Predict; Combine

Identify and Analyze Patterns; Organize Ideas; Recognize Trends

Apply Knowledge; Use Problem-Solving Methods; Manipulate; Design; Experiment

Understand; Translate; Summarize; Demonstrate; Discuss

Recall of information; Discover; Observe; Listen; Locate; Name

Following our seminars, the assessments will be collected and reviewed by the speakers. The forms will be compiled and participant questions and comments will be shared with the instructors. The responses from the instructors will be reviewed and published on our website within 2-3 weeks following the presentation. Our in-house team will also use feedback to help improve instructors’ teaching methods, as well as determine quality and effectiveness of presentations. Any questions or barriers that would prevent participants from making changes in their practice will be discussed directly with the participant. General issues we think would have a positive effect for everyone will be shared via email.