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Seaview Orthopaedics is now offering our patients easy and private access to their medical information online, so you can view your personal health record whenever and wherever you have access to the internet!

Gain access to your private health information and receive periodic updates and reminders from your doctor on your personal email address!

Click below to be directed to your secure online medical records. Please note, to use this tool, you must provide us with a valid email address.

How to Log In for Telemedicine Appointment

Practice Code: JJBBAA

Healow Mobile App

A secure app that helps you manage what’s important – the health of you and your family!

Simplify Your Life with the Healow App.
Access your multiple accounts–-your own and your family’s–from a single location.

Juggling multiple provider accounts and patient portals can be confusing and time-consuming. Use Healow to link all of your providers together in a single location.

One username and password is all you need to obtain access to all of your provider accounts for yourself and your minor children. And with their consent, you can even manage the accounts of your spouse or aging parents.

Gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your family’s important health information is at your fingertips!

Telemedicine FAQs

How do you request a telemedicine appointment with Seaview?

To request a telemedicine appointment, you can call us to schedule at 732-660-6200 or you can request an appointment.

To set up a telemedicine appointment, you must provide our office with an email address to receive login credentials (please check your spam folders). This will give you access to the Healow application. 

Which telemedicine service do you use?

At Seaview Orthopaedics, we are using the Healow application ( for telemedicine services.

What is the practice code to access Healow?

Our practice code is JJBBAA.

What do you do once you are registered with Healow?

If you are using your smartphone or tablet to log in to for the first time, you will first need to download the free Healow app to your device. 


If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will use the App Store to download the app. If you have an android phone, you will use Google Play to download the app.

Be sure to enable your camera and notifications on your device.

When using your smartphone or tablet for the first time, follow these instructions

If you are using your desktop computer or laptop to log into for the first time, follow these instructions

Be sure to enable your camera and audio components on your device.

Is your information secure when you view it using the Healow app?

All data is SSL-secured with 128-bit encryption and is compliant with all federal HIPAA regulations.

How do you join your telemedicine appointment?

Once you are registered with Healow via your smartphone or tablet using the Healow app, follow these easy steps:

  • Log into your Healow app, enter practice code and your credentials.
  • Click on appointments (in red).
  • Click on the televisit button (with the video camera)
  • Click on start televisit (in orange).
  • You will be in a virtual waiting room until the doctor joins the visit.
  • Please disconnect when the visit ends.

From your desktop computer or laptop, follow these easy steps

  1. Log into your Patient Portal with your credentials.
  2. Click “Join Televisit” in your patient dashboard.
  3. Complete questionnaire and requested information.
  4. Click “Proceed to check your computer’s speed and ability to support a Televisit.” You must have a webcam.
  5. Click Start Televisit
  6. You will be in a ‘virtual waiting room” until the doctor joins the visit.
  7. Please disconnect when the visit ends.

How do you log into Healow using your Television?

If you have a Smart TV, you will need to download the Healow app to your TV. Follow the specific instructions for your TV to add the App. 

  1. Once you are in the Healow App on your TV, enter the practice code JJBBAA, and enter your credentials.  
  2. Click on Appointments (in red).
  3. Click on the television button with the video camera.
  4. Click on start televisit (in orange).
  5. You will be in a ‘virtual waiting room” until the doctor joins the visit. 
  6. Please disconnect when the visit ends.

What should you do to prepare for your telemedicine visit?

  • Make sure you have a secure, private location for your visit, and the ability to be hands-free (e.g., not holding a desktop computer or laptop camera, not holding your tablet or smartphone) during the appointment. 
  • When your appointment begins, you will be asked to show government-issued identification.

What should you wear for a telemedicine visit?

If you are being seen for a knee injury, please wear shorts. If you are being seen for a shoulder or arm injury, please wear a tank top. If you are being seen for a back injury, please wear shorts and a tank top. 

Equipment FAQs

What will you need to complete the telemedicine visit?

For a desktop computer or laptop, you must have an internet connection that has a minimum of 2 MB/s upload and 2 MB/s download speed. You will also need a webcam.

What browsers are compatible with Healow telemedicine?

Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari are compatible with the Java Runtime environment installed. If you are having trouble entering your visit via your computer, please try with a 32-bit browser.

Which devices can you use the Healow app?

The app can be used on any Apple or Android enabled device. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you will use the App Store to download the app. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you will use Google Play to download the app.

Of course, an internet connection or Wi-Fi service is needed to download all apps.

What are my Patient Benefits?

With Patient Portal, you will have access to:

  • Appointments: Request & keep track of appointments
  • Medication: Request prescription refills
  • Personal Health Records: View your personal health records
  • Messages: Send messages to clinical staff
  • Billing: Pay bills online; View Statements (Coming Soon)

How do I get Web-Enabled?

To gain access to our Patient Portal and become web-enabled through our secure server, simply sign-up by providing us with a working email address. You will be able to securely login with your username and password and gain access to your personal health record and other helpful features from any computer or smartphone with an Internet connection!