Get back todoing whatyou love.

Ensure you have a successfultotal hip replacement withthe added accuracy of intellijoint HIP.

Get back todoing whatyou love.

Ensure you have a successfultotal hip replacementwith the added accuracyof Intellijoint HIP.

To help deliver the best possible outcomes for patients, Dr. Fechisin uses intellijoint HIP for his patients’ total hip replacements (THR). Intellijoint HIP is a smart navigation tool that provides orthopedic surgeons with real-time, intraoperative measurements to help in the accurate size selection, positioning, and alignment of implants during a THR. Increased accuracy during surgery can help to reduce potential complications after surgery such as leg length discrepancy, dislocation, or revision surgery. With the added accuracy of intellijoint HIP, Dr. Fechisin delivers enhanced total hip replacement outcomes helping you get back to the things you love.

What is a total hip replacement?

A total hip replacement (THR) is generally a successful and effective surgery that can eliminate hip pain and restore mobility in patients suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, or other conditions.

It involves removing the damaged bone and cartilage. Then the surgeon replaces the acetabulum (socket) and head of the femur (thighbone) with artificial implants.

During a traditional THR, your surgeon relies on manual techniques to select and position implants, including:

  • Professional judgment to assess the feel of the joint
  • Expert eyes to gauge the position of the component

How does intellijoint HIP help?

With intellijoint HIP, your surgeon has the most accurate and up-to-date information for implant positioning. It enhances your THR outcomes by showing your surgeon precise measurements for cup position, leg length, and offset.

Intellijoint HIP can be used in a primary or revision THR and with any surgical approach recommended by your surgeon.

Intellijoint HIP can help in the prevention of complications like:

  • Uneven leg lengths
  • Hip instability / dislocation
  • Hospital re-admission
  • Revision surgery

During a THR there are three measurements that your surgeon must accurately determine to ensure your new implants are positioned just right for you.

Intellijoint HIP provides measurements right down to the millimeter. To achieve this level of accuracy, the miniature camera is attached directly to your hip. It communicates with a tracker within the sterile field providing your surgeon with the most accurate measurements.

Discover your enhanced total hip replacement outcomewith Dr. Fechisin and intellijoint HIP.

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