Dr. Nguyen Honored as Ocean Medical Center Nurses’ Choice Physician of the Year

Seaview Orthopaedic Nurses Week

May 10, 2019 — as National Nurses Week comes to a close, the nurses of Ocean Medical Center took time to recognize physicians for their partnership and collegiality. Among the thirteen physicians honored was Seaview’s own Hoan-Vu Nguyen, M.D. Click play below to listen to what the nominating nurse had to say about Dr. Nguyen.

The Nurses’ Choice Physician of the Year Award celebrates collaboration between nurses and physicians, and recognizes physicians who demonstrate exemplary teamwork. Dr. Nguyen joins a class of over 100 practitioners who have received this award since its inception in 2002.


During his acceptance speech, true to the spirit of the award, Dr. Nguyen thanked the nurses for making it a pleasure to come to work, and for helping patients do extremely well. The award will be displayed at Seaview Orthopaedic’s office in Brick, New Jersey. Click play below to listen to the doctor’s acceptance speech.